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  • Do you really want to know?

    I'm also known by the same username on the Dependent Records forum. I don't remember what my username is on Sideline as I think I've been there twice? I think it's DM there too. I spend inordinate amounts of time administering the Cats Costume Discussion Board (, also .org and .net) so that's where I can usually be found. The musical Cats has been an obsession of mine since I was a kid.

    Hmm. I also read Tarot cards, play a lot of videogames (I'm a collector), and as of late, spend unreasonable amounts of time in my endocrinologist's office telling him to pull his cranium out of his anal sphincter and jack up my Synthroid. :/ I also like manga and anime, although lately there hasn't been much I've liked outside of Pet Shop of Horrors: Tokyo in print and Knight Hunters on DVD. Bishonen FTW!!! I also like to collect chess sets and play chess, though I usually get my ass handed to me by the CPU. I don't play OTB that much anymore. I'm also Darkmage on if anyone wants to challenge me to a game one of these days.
A radioactive cat has 18 half-lives.

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