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Samstag, 24. Juli 2010, 15:15 - building blocks for musicians


Stewart Walker and I (Sneak-Thief) started a project called where artists can buy & sell songs as Ableton Live files for 5 EURO each. Later we'll expand to other formats such as Kontakt, REX & Apple Loops.

Artists will get ~60% of each sale.

- Background:

We want to create a community of artists for artists - you know, like session musicians who offer their services to other producers and performers. This means released and unreleased songs, even those not-quite-finished tracks we all have lying around ;)

We welcome all styles of music, acoustic or electronic!

- What's a Scratchpack?

It's a song broken down into pieces, eg.:

Sneak-Thief: Smitten (Free Scratchpack download - Ableton Live 8 Format, also with WAV files inside)

- More info: How to create a Scratchpack
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Michel Morin (Sneak-Thief)

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