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Tuesday, April 3rd 2012, 1:48pm

Author: Eskil

Die Zukunft des Covenant-Forums

Dear all, I want to thank everyone here, moderators and especially Shadowbyte for the support and all the work put into the forum. During the “long dark years” after Skyshaper when we were struggling to find a way it meant a lot to me that you cared so much. Modern Ruin would not have happened without you! Now only a year later we are working on a new album in Leipzig-Helsingborg-Stockholm to be released this year and we feel better and stronger than ever. Thank you. Eskil

Monday, April 2nd 2012, 4:57pm

Author: Eskil

Keine Tour mit And One

Dear all, I am sorry to learn that the tour with And One is not happening. We had been looking forward to have a good time, meet new and old friends had some surprises for you! On the other hand we now get time to finish the new album before summer so we can release it later this year! Yours, Eskil

Thursday, May 12th 2011, 2:31pm

Author: Eskil

Covenant-Lyrics and Diskography PDF

Wow that is awesome, a perfect companion for the road! Now I just must remember never to forget a word again. Yours sincerely! Eskil

Wednesday, April 27th 2011, 1:05pm

Author: Eskil

Neue Single / New Single ?

I think Niggels is onto something here

Wednesday, April 27th 2011, 1:00pm

Author: Eskil

currently playing

Shin Megami Tensei Digital Devil Saga for PS2 from 2006! Got to borrow all 4 games in the series for PS2.

Monday, February 21st 2011, 11:17am

Author: Eskil

Neue Single / New Single ?

Thanks everyone so far for your feedback. Seems like Judge of my Domain is a favourite of many. I would like our next (2nd from Modern Ruin) single to be more club oriented and like to think Dynamo Clock could do well in club version. Don't worry the "missing songs" will be released eventually thanks.

Wednesday, February 16th 2011, 8:16pm

Author: Eskil

Where's Joakim?

Don't worry Joakim is working with us in the band constantly trying to make us go more boldly and right now doing heavy load of interviews but he won't join us on stage for now. A comrade greatly missed in the heat of the moment on stage but there are more battle to be fought. We have a lot of things going on in the studio inspired by the action with new album hopefully we can also convince ourselves to release it soon enough. Best, Eskil P.S. Any suggestions for a new single?! Please start a th...

Friday, October 15th 2010, 2:28am

Author: Eskil

Lightbringer 7"

Dear all, just want to let you know that our Swedish label Progress will release a 7" Lightbringer vinly in not many copies Best, Eskil

Friday, September 17th 2010, 4:56pm

Author: Eskil

Interview on

Quoted from "medusarocks" Out of curiosity, I put this through Google translator and this line came up, Original text: Kommer det några nya singlar innan albumet? Joakim: Ja, självklart! Translation: Will there be any new singles before the album? Scrooge: Yes, of course! I don't know any Swedish so I don't know why Joakim would translate into Scrooge, but it seems like someone thought he was being a little miserly for not giving any details about any new singles before Christmas :tongue: Uncle...

Sunday, October 25th 2009, 1:57am

Author: Eskil

About: Equipment

Love Joakims stories too, just to restless to remember sometimes or to write it down. Clas’ choir samples has definitely been a fellow traveller and I still reach for them in my sleep. Where is the passion now in sound? SQ1? Actually we did use it once. A synth pop song called “open your heart” ... and last demo we did before “replicant” and new born we were. When I moved from Berlin I found old tapes with 100+ songs before DOAC. I hear talent but most of all I am grateful we were given time to ...

Saturday, August 23rd 2008, 9:51am

Author: Eskil

Devil May Cry

I have a PlayStation 2 here in the studio. Sometimes I go Singstar which is fun and actually good practise. I am constantly surprised how good and clever a lot of Schlager songs are that I normally dont pay attention to. And singing makes your heart smile, its good for body and soul. But I just finished Final Fantasy X in tears. Love the series. Now I am with Devil May Cry 3 but is hard work making your way through the hords of demons, pretty much like making music. Next one will be Okami which ...

Wednesday, August 20th 2008, 8:48am

Author: Eskil

RE: favorite own songs?

Hi, thanks for your message, I hope you are well. My selection of favourite Covenant tracks is in constant flux but I tend to like both the extreme hits like Call the ships to port which still hit me after a thousand times and the extreme B-sides like Consumer or Liquid Sky that still intrigues me. And the latest album! Yesterday I was suddenly singing a little tune when I was out walkin taking a break from studio work so I rushed back to the piano to pick it out before it slipped out of my mind...

Wednesday, August 23rd 2006, 5:28am

Author: Eskil

covenant live

and Berlin, Saturday the 26th of August, at the west-disco Adagio around 2300; Greetings, Eskil

Thursday, July 6th 2006, 5:21pm

Author: Eskil


Dear Friends, we are thinking of present ourselves at ''. At the moment there are 5 unofficial myspace accounts that already do that. I think it is great if people bring new friends to our music but find it troublesome if fans think that we run these sites when we do not. Covenant are yet not on myspace and are not involved in any of these sites. The sites are: w...

Friday, April 28th 2006, 10:26am

Author: Eskil

RE: Dead Stars V1.0 (Rough Mix)

Dear TZ, Sorry, it wasn't a joke, it was my first demo of the song and I really liked it. But you are right, it sounds strange. I had tried something different with a more acoustic approach. No one else liked it and I had to fight for the song. When Joakim later came up with the characteristic drums and the sweeping string sound everything just perfectly matched and evolved into something larger. Yours, Eskil

Thursday, April 27th 2006, 12:02pm

Author: Eskil

PSX / N64 - Games/Spiele

Hi, Metal Gear Solid is a great game for Playstation and perhaps you want to check you Zelda: Ocarina of time for N64. I am playing it now on Gamecube. My favourite Playstation games was Gran Turismo, Tekken 2, Metal Gear Solid and Final Fantasy VII which is a beautiful experience. People still talk about it.

Wednesday, April 26th 2006, 11:34pm

Author: Eskil

Dear friends, thanx!

Dear friends! Thanks for your best wishes and kind words. Somehow it has leaked that we have an anniversary these days and indeed we have one. Actually it is today in an hour around midnight the 26th of April! You can see the date on the poster below which I have kept as a memorabilia. Here’s the story: We had been to a Front 242 concert in Malmö, Sweden, at the legendary club Stadt Hamburg. It was a great show with fireworks that hurt in your eyes, through the smoke you could sometimes see comb...

Thursday, March 30th 2006, 3:29pm

Author: Eskil

RE: Synergy video - dvd

Dear LadyKomachi, We have no plans right now to convert our Synergy VHS to DVD. If I find the time I will look into it one day. Sounds like a nice idea to relase it on iTunes/video. I will check it up. But we do have plans to make a new video of our Skyshaper tour! We try to make it for christmas this year. Yours, Eskil

Thursday, March 30th 2006, 3:15pm

Author: Eskil

RE: Tractor

Dear Marishka, thanks for your mail and your interest in this song. Yes, the song "traktor" still exists though I haven't been working on new covenant material for a while I can imagine that this song will appear on the next covenant album, along with one or two of the other snippets we presented! I like it and there are vocals too that didn't fit in the short snippet. In fact there are many nice songs we have and that we didn't present on skyshaper so I am thinking of maybe not waiting so long ...