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Wednesday, March 15th 2006, 4:21pm

Author: tekno,mage

Please release on vinyl

I'd love this released on vinyl - so we can really appreciate the sub-bass.... tekno.mage

Wednesday, March 15th 2006, 4:17pm

Author: tekno,mage

All lyrics copied from booklet

Here we are - copied from the booklet THE WORLD IS GROWING LOUD The world is growing loud It's time for us to fade to gray I wish they'll let us stay The lights are going out We knew we had to go one day I wish they'll take us in The skies are falling down To late for us to change our minds I wish they'll keep us safe The times are changing fast We knew we wouldn't last this long I hope they'll keep the pace The world is growing loud It's time for us to fade away I wish they'll let us stay SPIND...

Thursday, January 19th 2006, 2:07pm

Author: tekno,mage

Covenant Releases on Vinyl

In the unlikely event that anyone has any of Covenant releases or any of their remixes on vinyl for sale. please do let me know :-) I'm a DJ, not a collector, so I'm not bothered about having original sleeves, inserts etc - just the vinyl to play. Regards Tekno.mage

Friday, January 13th 2006, 5:32pm

Author: tekno,mage

When did you first discover Covenant?

I first heard them in 1999. A friend brought round a 2CD compilation "Tyranny of the Beat 4", he borrowed thinking it included a track he was looking for. Which it didn't - as he'd been given the wrong compilation set out his friends car! I didn't recognise any of the band or track names, had never heard of the genre "EBM/Industrial". None of the tracks on the first CD appealed to me, and the second CD was worse until.... One track was in a class of its own, streets ahead of the rest Original & ...

Friday, January 13th 2006, 3:24am

Author: tekno,mage

To all english speaking Users

Agreed - I too am very grateful you accomodate us only-English-speaking people :-) Danke für das, und für die Fülle der Informationen hier geteilt :-) (I used google's online language translator to help with the above - so I hope it makes sense!) tekno.mage