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Montag, 1. Februar 2010, 18:40

Thomas Dolby, Feb 28th London

I'm looking forward to attend this very special gig:

THOMAS DOLBY AND FRIENDS: Circumnavigating ‘The Flat Earth.’
Union Chapel, Islington, London
Feb 28th, 2010

Is anyone of you in London that week-end to meet up?


Mittwoch, 3. März 2010, 22:36

that was an extraordinary evening in a fantastic location. It was such a delight to attend the gathering of very skilled musicians on stage for the first time after 25 years and see how easily they assemble the old bits and pieces together to one whole song. One highlight was surely "Airwaves" performed by Thomas Dolby on piano, Trevor Horn on bass and Bruce Woolley playing the theremin vox. The setlist as I remember it:

Part 1 ("public rehearsal"):
Love Is A Loaded Pistol (from upcoming album)
Screen Kiss
The Flat Earth
White City
I Scare Myself
Commercial Breakup
New Toy
Europa And The Pirate Twins

Part 2 ("concert"):
Mulu The Rainforest
The Flat Earth
One Of Our Submarines
New Toy
I Scare Myself

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