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hecq - steeltongued

It's about that time again...


packaging: deluxe 6-panel digipak. design by christopher hewitt
after finishing the well received 'night falls', ben lukas boysen's ambition for the next album was to be a desideratum's compliance: the improvement of hecq's sound, and moving forward into something boysen
defines as an 'emotional destillate'. the tracks 'typhon' and 'steeltongued', written in 2007 and 2008, provide the blueprint for this cd. working as a sound designer for various companies, he presented earlier versions of the tracks and was met with success. these tracks show a non-confined structure but also including a sort of leitmotif and so these titles are perfectly suited for this ambition. in addition they work as a basis for collaborations and remixes.the hypnos trilogy (tracks 10 to 12) is hecq's dedication to the state of stasis. in his own words, 'distant fires' describes a gaze which travels into a distance uncertain; 'lost for words' leads the listener into a state of cogitation - while 'hypnos' allegorizes a slowly constitutive wall of suspense that trickles away in the end... a masterpiece of dark symphonic ambiance, intended for continuous, repeated intense listening.

in hecq's opinion the importance of the tracks on cd1 lies in the skilful omission of the insignificant. although complex abstract rhythmic textures predominate during tracks 2 to 9 no 'scrolls' blocks the essence. after the majestic 'spires awake', the listener will be trapped in an extensive blend of idm, breakbeats, and even breakcore, complemented with the infusion of nebulo's mighty dark soundscapes and nongenetic's modified was well proposed by boysen to choose the cd's title track to be remixed by a wide variety of artists. he sees 'steeltongued' as representative of hecq's work, so he was most curious about the
results - the more contrast, the better, as he explains. so he formally prevented any suggestions or briefings, and thus cd2 can be virtually seen as an album on its own. ranging from melodic sequenced beats
(xabec), clicks'n'cuts emerging into a noise outburst (spyweirdos), syncopated intelligent breaks (skam label's team doyobi), to intricate sub-bassed electronica (si begg, ex-funkstörung's michael fakesch) and
alienated dubstep (disscoxx), this addendum displays the versatile facets of the possibilities hecq's work imply. once again b. boysen is setting the pace. have a deep listen!

and do not miss hecq's live presentation on may 1st at maria am ostbahnhof, berlin feat. end.user, cardopusher, the teknoist and more!
hecq discography. 04.2009:
a dried youth. cd. kaleidoskop kal003. 2003
scatterheart. cd. hymen records ¥742. 2004
bad karma. cd. hymen records ¥748. 2005
0000. cd. hymen records ¥758. 2007
zetha. 12". onpa 003. 2007
night falls. cd. hymen records ¥767. 2008
golden pines. cd-r. binkcrsh bk039. 2008
steeltongued. 2cd. hymen records ¥772. 2009
ben lukas boysen sound design:

meetings and lectures: bd4d (london), offf (lisboa), flash on the beach (brighton)...

customers and agencies: 1st ave machine (u.s.a), wieden + kenedy (uk), scholz + friends (germany), markenfilm berlin (germany), peppermellon (argentina), digital kitchen (u.s.a.), dixonbaxi (uk), sehsucht (germany), (france)...

brands: leica, mtv, bbc, audi, nike, 55dsl, discovery channel, bentley, sony, toyota, xbox....

These samples remind me it's 2009 in a very good way. 8)

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I'm so looking forward to this album :)

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