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Donnerstag, 28. Februar 2008, 23:40

Looking for a sound

yeah strange subject, I know ;)
I just heard a song on radio ("Angel" by Goldie) that reminds me, that I've been searching for a sound source for quite a while now.
Maybe the sound wizards in the band or other fellow musicians can help me.
It's a sweeping synth sound, that was quite popular in the 90s, so I guess it was factory preset or available in a commercial sample library.
My interest for synth sounds wont let me rest until I find out, where this sound originates from.

The sound's most prominent use that I know is as the intro sound of Die Krupps "Crossfire" (original album version).
And from my own record collection I can name two more occurrences, where it is mixed slightly into background and played in a higher pitch:
Click Click "Hephaestos" (on Shadowblack album)
Peter Murphy "Cascade" (on same titled album)

Sorry, I can't offer a reward for hints, but you would release me from an endless search ;)

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