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Donnerstag, 19. April 2007, 14:19

Subconscious from the Vault Series 2

Speaking of limited releases such as the upcoming one for Cement, cEvin Key is releasing a new from the Vault series, the first two CDs are going to be mailed out this week, any one else order but me?

New Download album any day now!

New Tear Garden in 2-5 weeks as well!


7 cd's marking the comeback of the groundbraking vault series - incl. shipping and handling. a must for any subCON fan! These will be made and released to subscribers as they are manufactured. So you will recieve them approw every other month of 2007.

sub 29 Doubting Thomas The Infidel - Special Edition Double CD - remastered Infidel LP, Father Don't Cry EP and 6 unreleased tracks

sub 30 Download Furnace - Special Edition Double CD remastered Furnace Cd and new mix CD of original Furnace jams

sub 31 Download fIxEr - NEW LP recorded 06-07 by Phil Western and cEvin Key w Mark Sybey, Otto Von Schirach at SubCon Studios. Sleeve design by Allen Jeager. Effector meets the future!

sub 32 PlaTEAU New Lp x2 - with a 10 year special edition Music for Grassbars

sub 33 The Tear Garden the secret experiments - CD

sub 34 Hilt Patsy / Minoot Bowl dropped the ball - CD

sub 35 Skinny Puppy Back and forth vol 7 - CD

First two CDs in the mailout will be the new Download album "FiXer" and the remastered 2CD version of Father Don't Cry by Doubting Thomas.


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Freitag, 20. April 2007, 03:37

FiXer has been sent out.

No responses here, surprisingly, I thought Download was fairly well known despite not really being "industrial".

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