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Donnerstag, 5. April 2012, 23:21

[FR] Covenant @ Le Marché Gare, Lyon

The setlist @ Lyon (31/03/2012) was similar to the last concerts at the end of last year.
Thanks to Convulsion sonores for the setlist :)

Judge of my domain
Dynamo Clock
20 Hz
No man's land
The beauty and the grace
I am
The men
Ritual noise
Wir sind die Nacht

The passion game
Call the ships to port

Happy man
Dead stars

Like tears in rain
We stand alone

Nice concert – it was a big party. The french audience was in a very good mood !
And I was very happy to meet some French fans. Thanks for the interesting discussions when waiting in front of the venue, before and even during (!) the concert. Good to see that there are some Indochine fans among Covenant fans :P

And, of course, thank you Daniel – you know what I mean ;)

Here are some photos - I only have very few because the light was much too dark.
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