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Mittwoch, 11. Oktober 2006, 05:09

Covenant @ Chicago

.... There is a guy in the scenario, Rotersand just started playing.... We move back to the center of the theater... I've never heard Rotersand, and it turned out he is pretty good... his songs, driving on a law-less traffic city such as Mexico City would be awesome. I start to jump following the rhythm of the songs, Juliana has a "is not that bad" face; since she is not jumping, her job is hold my drink in the meantime.... Suddenly, Rotersand jumps down in the scenario and starts to sing while walking with the crowd... he walks around and sings with people... awesome. It turned out that he is twice my size. Shit. He did not look that tall in the scenario. While walking he stops with one girl, and tried to read what she's got in the t-shirt... so says something like "Ich compendieren nicht!" and some people laughs...He jumps back and finished he show.... is 11 in the night, time for Covenant... we go back to the concert and the place is crowded... I said to Juliana, follow me, and she does so... we get to the middle part... it suddenly there is some sound... awesome. it is 20Hz... Eskil shows up in a black suit with a red shirt and a black tie; Clas has a raincoat and Joakim a black suit too. I start to sing, Jack Daniels is running through my blood... then sweet and salty begins... it is incredible... I secretly hoped to see the led screen, tough it was not there... The members of the band looks just like in the Bullet video... then bullet begins...then I realized that I have heard the beginning of the next song somewhere else... yep, in the Sama festivaal (sp?) there is a CD with Covenant playing live there, and the sound is exactly the same... it is the stalker... so the concert goes on and the slam begins... at my right... I go the get pushed... some one pushes me and I bounce with a guy 6 inches taller... he pushes me back and I get fired to were I started...they are playing now like tears in the rain... In the place I was a tall couple and their friends are now...then Eskil stops in the security fence the greet people; I manage to touch its we are in brave new world... Eskil thanks again to the crowd and looses the mike; the security people hands it over.... I am sweating; I have been jumping a lot.... but it is totally worth they close with One World, One Sky... it is just incredible... at the end, I ask a tech guy in the band to tell them that they should prepare an extra song for their Mexican fans... they will ask for it, for sure....

... two days latter... I heard that the concert at Racine has a discount if you were in Chicago... I make plans to go... to find out Friday afternoon that there is an urgent project for one of our big customers... I know I will regret later, but I kept on working...

Now I am still happy. One of the best concerts I've been to....


Mittwoch, 11. Oktober 2006, 10:52

Thanks a lot for this review. Reads as if you were back in the crowd yourself again :)

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