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Originally posted by LePand
LePand here, reporting from Praha 8)

Panda! Yay!


yes! giant pixelmen for my new appartment! yes! yes!

Glad you approve! Well, the decal idea has gone over quite well I see...


I could also say that for girls, pixelmen underwear,

Pixelmen thongs?!? Hahaha!


and for men, I dont know the word and this fuc***g keyboard is driving me insane... how you call this?

With little planes, pixelmen, whatever :D

Yes, cufflinks.


Maybe this also would be cool:

But not like this one, I just couldnt find a picture to explain. Those metal things that soldiers have around their neck with you know, name blood type, etc.

Dog tags? Nah, I agree with Subetha on this one. (though I do like the movie, on a tangent...)


Argh! Hope I could explain myself properly. Blame the weird keyboard.

Ha! I feel the same way when typing on a German keyboard- remember: "How do I make the "@" sign?!???"


Edits: keep blaming the keyboard

Yes, when in doubt, blame the keyboard. Or another good standby: "Goddammit, I just wrote the longest, most elegant post of my life but MySpace/ LiveJournal/ Blogger/ Covenant Forum ate it!! :tongue:

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