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Mittwoch, 15. Dezember 2004, 17:46

The other way round

!!!Moved from the "Questions of the week" area!!!

Hi there!

Just an idea that came to my mind a second ago:

It´s Christmas time and a New Year is coming, so why not doing things a bit different?

Is there anything that you, the band, would like to ask the fans? ;)

If so, then go ahead and we will happily answer. And it would be probably fun and interesting to do the Q&A thing the other way round...

Dunno if this still sticks to the rules of the Q&A forum but anyway....

best wishes,

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Mittwoch, 15. Dezember 2004, 18:57

RE: The other way round

@Niggels: I think Sandra and me can manage the Q&A ;) Think it´s a good idea.


Mittwoch, 2. Februar 2005, 21:28

?( Huh? What happened to that reply I just wrote?

Well. I start over:

First of all: sorry about the loooooong silence. :sch:

Niggels, as usual it's a good idea. As a matter of fact I have one right away.

We are making a completely new website. I think we will be ready for launch in less than a month from now. One feature I really hope for is to integrate this forum as a major and much more active part of the site itself. Shadowbyte & Figurehead knows about this plan and I want to clarify that all moderators, maintenance etc. will be completely independent. We want no control over what goes on here, we just want the community to thrive and hopefully gain more members.

To my question:

Do you have any ideas for the new website? Anything you want us to put up there? Anything you always missed from artist sites that you'd like us to try? Any questions for the FAQ section? Do you want us to make a "Forum Interview" answering only your questions?

All ideas are welcome. No matter how silly or how brilliant we will consider all suggestions from our best friends.

Knock yourselves out girls and boys! You have 2 weeks. ;)


Mittwoch, 2. Februar 2005, 22:11

Re: "Do you have any ideas for the new website?"


I'd love to learn about the stories behind the lyrics. You know the "Inside" section at, or remember the "In Your Own Words" section at Something like that would be great : )


@ Admins: bitte einfach verschieben, wenn die Antwort hier nicht hingehört ;)


Mittwoch, 2. Februar 2005, 22:58

Hi Claudia.

Yes, that's a good idea. Do you have any suggestions for songs to comment on? I mean, we can't talk about all of them, it will be way too much work and pain.


Mittwoch, 2. Februar 2005, 23:05

Re: "suggestions for songs to comment on"


What about Babel, Rising Sun, Speed, & The Island !?




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Donnerstag, 3. Februar 2005, 00:12

RE: "suggestions for songs to comment on"

Yeesss great idea :perfekt:

Whats about the lyrics of 'like tears in rain' and 'still live'
Specially the music and the lyrics of 'still live' impresses me. By the way the glowing organ pad on 'still life' is this a sample of 'pink floyds' 'shine on your crasy diamond' ?(
i want to close the doors
behind my bleeding back
and dance amonge the shadows
for future glory's lost


Freitag, 4. Februar 2005, 21:04

Alright my friends.

I'll talk to the webmaster about how to proceed with this idea. I think it's a cool feature for the forum members to be able to have this easy-going conversation with us and the other way around (right, Niggels? ;)), but at the same time it's a nice extra for the website as well.

If you guys are fine with it I'd like to pick some of the entries from this thread and put them on the new website, where we also write something like "For more stuff like this, join the forum (link)". What do you think?

Eskil and I will answer your questions as we get time to do so. Some of those "background stories" are rather complicated, you know.


Samstag, 5. Februar 2005, 09:47

Joakim, I think everyone here will agree to this idea. On your new website it will tell people more about the band and your background and on the other hand side it will bring more people to the forum what only can be good :)

Another thing amongst the stuff you just planned for the new webside I would live an extended photo section (well, you know how much I´m into photography ;) ) with not only promo shots but also as much live shots as possible. I know that Claudia here from the froum has very nice Covenant shots too. You still should have a lot of my pics as well. So that would be a good start for that section ;) And if fans would have possibility to send you their fotos for the website and you´ll put on the good ones the section will grow probably very fast ;)

All the best


Samstag, 5. Februar 2005, 20:46

Hey Dani.

Of course. We will make the pics section far bigger. I have almost all of your pictures on CD already but very few of Claudia's. Claudia (and anyone else who has pictures), please compile your favourites and send them to us if you want your pictures on the website as well.


Montag, 7. Februar 2005, 15:07

So far so good, i like the ideas, especially about adding a photo section :perfekt:

I have a few ideas myself, but wonder if they might be a bit complicated, this is manly forum ones, but i asume they would add to the overall "feel" for the main site aswell, what about adding the possibility for forum- member albums, adding pics whatever the quality, and the possibility for others to comment? Almost like a family album... :-] .....

and nope, i´m not a genious, i stole this idea from a nother place ;) :sch: :rolleyes:

[SIZE=7]pssst.. kom hem till svedala nån gång..[/SIZE]

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Montag, 7. Februar 2005, 22:00


Original von Joakim
please compile your favourites and send them to us if you want your pictures on the website as well.

Hi Joakim,

you can download some selected pics here:
(7 pics MeraLuna 2004, 5 pics WGT 2004, 4 pics Tour 2002)

If any further editing is needed, please contact me. I hope this is okay with you :)



Dienstag, 8. Februar 2005, 17:36

Thanks Claudia!

I'll give them to the graphics guy immediately. :)


Dienstag, 8. Februar 2005, 17:40

Jenny, bra idé!

(that is, good idea! in Swedish)

Please implement this idea on the forum. We can provide reasonable server space for it. Then we make a sub-menu in our Media section called "Forum folder" or something. Whwn you click on it you will be asked to log in and if you're not a member you will have to sign up.

We can also make a few "teaser" pics available to all.

I think this could be another way to make people discover the forum.

[SIZE=7]pssst, jo det ska vi göra när albumet är klart[/SIZE]


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Dienstag, 8. Februar 2005, 17:57

Tack :)

What you just said is basicly what i had in mind, it´s a very nice feature :)

[SIZE=7]...fin-fint, ser fram emot det![/SIZE]

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Dienstag, 8. Februar 2005, 18:59

I could imagine that many fans are interested in a kind of "live report" while the band is working on a new album, perhaps with short video-sequences, just to bring the atmosphere near what happens in the studio, how it looks and what kind of people are there, too....:)


Mittwoch, 9. Februar 2005, 02:32

@ cloudy:

Yes, we have already thought about that. We will continue recording here in our studio later this spring and we will make small videos as we go.


Mittwoch, 9. Februar 2005, 18:30

That sounds good, Joakim, you make me (and surely everybody, at the forum, too) inquisitive... ;)


Freitag, 11. Februar 2005, 23:48

Geez... I have to actually work while i am at work for a couple of weeks and I miss all the fun... I love the idea of a "family album" jenny... let every one see that we are nice people that they want to talk to online!!! the influx of english posting from being attached to the website will be great too! I am both ready and willing to do more work as a moderator with the english speaking posts! Joakim... I would love to know the backstory on my personal favorite song Tour de Force... it has always given me this sense of what it was like coming into the 1990's after the coming of age during the 1980's, but maybe that's just me! Maybe the pictures could be linked to the live section so that when people look at past tour dates they can click on pictures from that event... and perhaps an archive of past printed interviews with links to the web pages or magazines they came from...

That's my two cents worth!!!
"Together we are what we can't be alone" - Dropkick Murphy's, a punk bank from Boston, Massachusetts, USA
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Mittwoch, 16. Februar 2005, 14:14


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