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lördag, 11. september 2004, 18:09

New Song

On the "plastiq-flowers"-Fanpage (www.plastiq-flowers.de) was mentioned that Covenant played a new song called "Crossroads" at the "M'era Luna"-Festival 2004. Can anybody tell me how it sounded?
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lördag, 11. september 2004, 18:32

RE: New Song

Well, I heard it in Malmö, but I guess it's the same song. Anyway, from what I can remeber, it was an uptempo song, sounded a bit like the Europa-era. Didn't really hear much of the lyrics.

Anyone else?


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söndag, 12. september 2004, 15:50

I was at the Mera Luna, and the new song was really great! It was uptempo, dancy and quite catchy. It worked from the start, it made the crowd move and people obviously liked the new one.

IMHO a future live favourite at Covenant shows and perhaps single-worthy.



måndag, 13. september 2004, 01:00

Thanks a lot for your replies...
I'm very excited and waiting impatiently for the new album to arrive ;)
I dive to drown


torsdag, 16. september 2004, 00:08


the Europa-era

sounds really great! cant wait for the new album..


torsdag, 25. november 2004, 09:50

Joakim played a new song in his djset in Athens too...3 weeks ago...it sounded really good and "clubby"..I dont know if it was the same one with malmo and mera luna!
It seems to me that we are going to loose a lot of calories in the dancefloors when the new album will be released!
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måndag, 6. december 2004, 15:54

Oh, that sounds promising!

Any further DJ sets in sight? :)


tisdag, 7. december 2004, 08:42

...Hi Niggels:)...actually I think that Mark From Vnv will play some music in the same club at 22 of December. :cool:...
....all I need is everything..........................

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onsdag, 22. december 2004, 09:18

Marks dj set cancelled ,but Andy´s from Icon of Coil dj set will take place in the same club at 31 of December!
....all I need is everything..........................

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