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Donnerstag, 27. Mai 2004, 12:50


Covenant wants to do the definite EBM album
I met Covenant in their studio in Helsingborg, Sweden to see how their new album is coming along. They've only recorded one song so far but are hoping to be able to release the new album before the end of the year. The song "The Island" from last years electriXmas festival CD will be reworked and appear on their next album. Covenant promises a new sound with more attitude and fewer soft songs.
- I would like to do the definitive EBM album, it's about bloody time, says keyboardist Joakim Montelius.
Well-renowned producer Jacob Hellner, who worked with Covenant on their last album "Northern Light", is currently working with Rammstein in France.
- We'd love to work with Jacob on our new album, says keyboardist Clas Nachmanson, however they are uncertain whether they can afford Jacob for more than a couple of songs.
Covenant also promises a refreshed homepage, due to be launched this summer.
....all I need is everything..........................

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