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Mittwoch, 7. September 2005, 15:36

In the birthday party of a friend's cousin!!!
I heard Dead Stars and Like tears in rain...I asked him the name of the group and ...there began my passion!!!


Samstag, 17. September 2005, 07:01

I first discovered the greatness that is Covenant via the Metropolis label sampler 2003. It had 'Monochrome' as the first track. :D
I'll be damned before someone tells me my music is too 'old', or too 'new'.



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Dienstag, 20. September 2005, 12:05

RE: When did you first discover Covenant?

One word:

Napster * :sch:

I downloaded Stalker about 4/5 years ago and loved it lol.


*caveat: I then went and bought it so don't seize my computer and sue me.

Falling out of cars and playing in traffic.


Sonntag, 25. September 2005, 16:33

My friend was playing it in the car, and I loved it instantly. :P
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Montag, 10. Oktober 2005, 01:25

Three years ago... it was "Dead stars" .... *sigh*



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Samstag, 15. Oktober 2005, 15:08

It was a mind-blower!

When I was living near Chicago, a friend of mine introduced me to a whole new spectrum of music. He told me about Metro (a club in Chicago) and we went there for some other show, when he saw signs advertising the Northen Light tour. He got all excited about it, and said we had to go. Later that week I downloaded a few songs he told me to look for, and I couldn't find a single song I disliked. Soon after I went to the concert and was amazed by the great performance and was hooked for life. Looks like I found the needle in the haystack so to speak!
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Freitag, 21. Oktober 2005, 01:57

Hbg in 88. Me and some friends had gone up there in a condemmed old Volvo Amazon through the sleet and snow. Covenant probably had more members on stage than there was in the crowd. I think there were about 9-10 people on stage at least. All dead drunk. And so was I and the rest of the crowd. A chaotic, nay, erratic performance. They ruled although my memories of the show are very vague. I think this was their first ever gig but I could be wrong.

Saw them a year later in Laholm. Still lots of people on stage but less alcohol induced and definitely better rehearsed. A good solid performance but perhaps not as fun as the first one.
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Mittwoch, 23. November 2005, 05:26

I believe for me it was 99, I wish I had found out about them sooner. I was browsing metropolis records and United States of Mind had just came out. After hearing Tour de force I had to have it. After getting the album I had to have ALL of their music. Covenant is one of those rare groups, like skinny puppy , where you can buy the album without listening to it because you KNOW it's going to be great. I now have almost everything thing available by them. I am missing a couple of the new singles and probably some really rare stuff, and complilation stuff.
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Sonntag, 18. Dezember 2005, 00:51

About 1998 I started wearing a tie when going out. At first, I got quite some negative reactions. But after a while, this completely changed and some people started to give compliments about my ‘Covenant-style’.

I had no idea what they meant although I was shaking my ass of on ‘Speed’ and ‘Stalker’ without knowing which band it was… Many months later I saw Covenant for the first time on stage at the Eurorock Festival during the summer of 1999. Finally, I got really acquainted with the music and through the years, the band started to grow on me.

I gradually bought all their records, didn’t miss any of their shows in Belgium… more and more the music gave me a feeling that it was made by one of those few minds that are on a similar wavelength… And so, I became a Covenant-fan 8)
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Freitag, 23. Dezember 2005, 20:50

RE: When did you first discover Covenant?


Originally posted by Jenny
This is something i do wonder about at times.. mainly since i actually cant remeber myself exactly when and under what
surcumstanses Covenant was brought to my attention..

Perhaps i should name this thread..when did i discover Covenant??- HELP!! :rolleyes: ;)
Nope I can't remember either :tongue:


Mittwoch, 28. Dezember 2005, 06:16


Originally posted by Hilarius
About 1998 I started wearing a tie when going out. At first, I got quite some negative reactions. But after a while, this completely changed and some people started to give compliments about my ‘Covenant-style’.

I had no idea what they meant although I was shaking my ass of on ‘Speed’ and ‘Stalker’ without knowing which band it was…

that's pretty funny because years ago, I too starting wearing a suit and tie to clubs (and I'm female) and I got a few weird remarks from friends. After a while, they got used to it. no references about looking "covenant-ish" however.

I had no idea how the band dressed until years later.


Mittwoch, 28. Dezember 2005, 15:51

I discovered them in 2000. I friend showed me.



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Freitag, 13. Januar 2006, 17:32

I first heard them in 1999. A friend brought round a 2CD compilation "Tyranny of the Beat 4", he borrowed thinking it included a track he was looking for. Which it didn't - as he'd been given the wrong compilation set out his friends car!

I didn't recognise any of the band or track names, had never heard of the genre "EBM/Industrial". None of the tracks on the first CD appealed to me, and the second CD was worse until....
One track was in a class of its own, streets ahead of the rest Original & danceable, with intriguing (& audible) lyrics - and it had the most creative use of distortion I'd heard for a long time.

That track was Luminal by Covenant.

I think it's still one of my favourite Covenant tracks, but I'm surprised that I've so far really liked every new CD of theirs I've heard up till know. (Have only Sequencer & Northern LIghts to catch up with and they are on order!)

With most bands I find myself really liking only a few tracks, or maybe just a two or three of many released albums with later works sounding samey and predictable - somehow gone stale. And there are very few albums that will bear repeated listening before sounding cliched and really boring.



Sonntag, 22. Januar 2006, 23:40

Last Tuesday.

Brilliant stuff :perfekt:



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Montag, 23. Januar 2006, 10:46

first contact - 1996/97 OFFBEAT compilation later then the Theremin EP...


Montag, 23. Januar 2006, 12:20

that was in 2001. I'd to take lessons in "futurepop" after I startet the Seabound website, hehe. At that time, the only bands I know were Depeche Mode and Sisters of Mercy or something like that ;-)
My first "schoolbook" was a private compilation including 5 Covenant tracks (along with songs from Apop, VNV, and IoC): Like Tears in Rain, Figurehead (Plain), Stalker (Club), Voices (optodecoded), Tour de Force.


Sonntag, 5. März 2006, 16:29

The O-Files Vol. 1 - 1996 - exactly 10 years ago.



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Donnerstag, 9. März 2006, 23:21

I first saw them on TV (VIVA - r.i.p.) in 2003 while I was playing poo in a casinol... and the TV in the upper Corner had no sound, but I thought :

"Hey, great show (Call the ships to port- live) ! This ought to be music I like."
And I was damn(ly) right! ... you could "see" the power/energie of the music!

Shortly after that I went to the next shop in order to buy the single - others followed.
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Freitag, 10. März 2006, 06:37

around xmas 2003 some people were talking bout Covenant so I thought "buy a cd" so I got the "northeren light" which I liked very much . In March 04 I saw Covenant live at the Invitation Festival in Gent (I actually went there to see Wolfsheim :D ) and I just loved them :D after that, I started to buy the other cds, in Summer 04 I saw them again live at the Mera Luna , was again a great show and so it went on :D
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Freitag, 10. März 2006, 10:39

I can't really remember when it was. Let me see... ?(
Must have been about 2003... The typical songs were running up and down in our clubs and at the private parties.
Once I asked a DJ what band could make me love a song like 'Call The Ships To Port' .
I was totally hypnotised by the fantastic beats and this thrilling voice... Unbelievable!
He looked at me and said "What??? You don't know Covenant??? Go out and buy their CDs! ALL of them! They're great!!"
And so I did. :D

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