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Donnerstag, 15. Januar 2004, 21:49

When did you first discover Covenant?

This is something i do wonder about at times.. mainly since i actually cant remeber myself exactly when and under what
surcumstanses Covenant was brought to my attention..

Perhaps i should name this thread..when did i discover Covenant??- HELP!! :rolleyes: ;)


Donnerstag, 15. Januar 2004, 22:02

RE: When did you first discover Covenant?

It must have been in 1998 or 1999 as I first heard "Stalker" in a Club. At that time I did not know who it was, but I loved the song. A little time later German music television Viva 2 was sending a story about the Project Pitchfork Tour and the made an Interview with PP just before their Show. And as I listened to the interview I could hear the support band playing and was escited. I still did not know who it was... so I was writing to Viva 2 and asked for the name of the band.... it was COVENANT. :)


Donnerstag, 15. Januar 2004, 22:15

in April 2000 at a club in San Francisco called Rodericks Chambers (which has since shut down :!:) I heard "like tears in rain" and thought to myself as it began "cool a remix of Personal Jesus" (my favorite DM song)... then i hear THE VOICE 8o... and i think "I MUST OWN THIS" went to the CD vendor at the club and said "Give me this CD" (the song wasn't even over yet) I bought United States of Mind and the rest, as they say, is history... saw them live in April 2001 and again in May 2003 and can't wait for the next tour!!! :perfekt:

As you can see the moment i first heard them is burned into my brain!!! :D
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Samstag, 17. Januar 2004, 20:02

i bought "dreams of a cryotank" in 1996 (because it was said at the mailorder that covenant could probably become "the new cat rapes dog" :P)

however, the cd was fantastic, i infiltrated my friends with the music and we met them on 1st of december in 1996 when they supported steril and haujobb at "cyber vision night" in dresden.

it was a very funny evening, in the end, when haujobb played, there were around 10 guests, steril and covenant in the venue - all dancing and having a great time.

on that evening i told the guys i'd like to start a fanpage (didn't know anything about html) - and still kept it alive and still love their music.
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Mittwoch, 12. Januar 2005, 13:55

RE: When did you first discover Covenant?

It was on a lesson in school in ninth grade. My friend brought a cd and played it in the class, the first song was Dead Stars and i totally fell for it=)
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Mittwoch, 12. Januar 2005, 16:48

A friend of mine played some Statemachine for me and I really liked what I heard so I wanted to borrow the record. He then also lended me Covenant - Sequencer and told me to listen to it. So I did, didn't really appreciate it the first time... But I listen to it a couple more times and well, Sequencer is my all time favourite record :) This was 96-97 I guess.

Then I saw them the first time in Göteborg in the spring of 97, a small crowded club and I was in the front, 1 meter from the band. It was awesome, they played my favourite at the time, Edge of dawn.
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Mittwoch, 12. Januar 2005, 17:20

When did I discover Covenant?

I was awakened to a world of music artist I had never known existed around the summer of 98. I had a roommate at the time when I was living in Seattle that was a techno freak and had all sorts of music from bands such as Funker Vogt, wumpscut, coil and of course Covenant. We had been listening to the Therimin LP when I really enjoyed the vocals from the lead singer in the song figurehead. It was then when I really kind of became a listener to all things to come from the band Covenant. I find it a relaxing expeience to listen to when I get home from work, my favorite album to date is the Northern Lights, favorite song on that album is Bullet. Currently I await further albums to come.... I give great applaus to these guys, and I do recommend to my friends to listen to Covenant.
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Mittwoch, 19. Januar 2005, 16:39

It was the summer of 2001... A friend of mine, from another town, called me, so i went to visit him. We were listening to music and stuff, and then he played Flux from "Synergy". And since then, Covenant are my favorites.


Sonntag, 20. März 2005, 18:55

Back in 00' i remember looking for an alternative to the alternative. I already listened to FLA and Skinny Puppy (i'm from Vancouver, so.....:P) and was just getting into Project pitchfork. I searched the internet for bands similar to Pitchfork and came up with sound clips from bands like Apop, VNV, Iris, Colony 5 etc etc etc. At first i didn't really like Sequencer and dreams from a Cryotank....but once my brother pushed "united states ofmind" on me, i finally arrived on their wavelength. Ever since, its been nothing but exceptional ;)
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Montag, 21. März 2005, 15:39

A friend of mine played "Dead Stars" and I liked it. My ex-boyfriend also liked Covenant, so I heard more of them. And then I saw the video of "Call the ships to port" on TV, and this was the song, which made me a fan. :-] It´s still one of my favourites. And it is connected to the situation when I first heard it. I was waiting for my ex-boyfriend, he was stucked in a traffic-jam on his way to me, and I was full of joy and excitement to see him, and then such a great song - perfect! :D
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Samstag, 16. April 2005, 00:10

That was in 96... Stalker... God those memories... Almost 10 years ago...
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Samstag, 16. April 2005, 17:03

It was late 1996, I bought a complilation CD called Tyranny Of The Beat III which had teh track Shelter on it.
I haven't looked back since!


Donnerstag, 21. April 2005, 10:23

well, i was discovering electro some years ago, and was doing Google about bands.. and there was Covenant .. tadaaa

i immediately was in love with their kind of music.. this is my style...

i love techno, i love electro, i love classical, i love rock, ... i just love all good music.. think for me, Covenant is the perfect mix...
im just another mad keyboardist....


Freitag, 29. April 2005, 16:51

I bought the compilation "we came to dance 8" with "figurehead" on it. At the same weekend (maybe 1996 or 1997) I heard "stalker" in a club and asked the DJ for the name of the band... After that weekend I tried to get every album from this band.

And now there´s is a new album - and I can´t wait any longer to get this one...


Dienstag, 3. Mai 2005, 06:51

Well I write poetry that just happened to be similar to the style of

Covenant, because people would tell me that it reminded them of

Covenant. I listened to Metal then, but I was seeking something

further. I was listening to KMFDM very heavily at the time and

somehow that made me take the leap over to just straight electro

music and my first song was the KMFDM remix of Tabula Rasa. Well

needless to say now, Covenant is my favorite out of all and I still write

and my writing is probably better now because of influences such as


Thank you Covenant!
This Prison We Call Time is Spherical and Without Exits. What will happen to me, has already happened to me. And so I am here unafraid, becoming conscious to this moment that existed even before the one before it.

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Montag, 13. Juni 2005, 18:42

I bought the ep "Theremin" cause i liked the frontside


Montag, 13. Juni 2005, 19:34


Originally posted by obsicura
I bought the ep "Theremin" cause i liked the frontside

You mean this one? :D

(several online stores over here are displaying that image for some reason! -- since their info comes from, maybe it was wrong there and got fixed, but hasnt)
got fixed elsewhere.

As for me, my friend gave me Europa for my bday once and I was in love!


Dienstag, 21. Juni 2005, 16:40

I first came across Covenant listening to an independant radio station in my city. The made a faint mention of the name, which for some odd reason I thought they mentioned "Pirates Covenant" I really don't know why, I guess probably because they played "Call our ships to port" and when I tried to remember the song name and group I could just remember ship and covenant and somehow tossed in Pirate from out of no where.

Well I tried to search all over for "Pirates Covenant" and of course I didn't find Covenant at all, so I just about gave up my search... until I found Metropolis records and started to order my Icon of Coil cds, I came across "Covenant" and was thinking to myself "could that possibly be the same group?" When I looked at the play lists on each of the albums I seen Call our ships to port and thought it might possibly be them since the name of the track sounded so familiar and seemed to go with what I was thinking way back when "Pirates Covenant"

So I ordered it on a hunch without listening to any samples or anything and was surprised at how awesome the music was and had been hooked.... actually more like addicted to Covenant, VNV Nation, Icon of Coil, Seabound and such ever since.

Also on the various "Thank yous" on certain albums people give out alot of thanks to Covenant and other great bands I've now gotten familiar with.


Mittwoch, 31. August 2005, 12:24

I bought a Sampler named "We came to Dance" with "Figurehead" on it. I really didn't like this song and the name of the band was gone as soon as i skipped the track.

Later a friend of mine made an electro-compilation for me to present the variety of this kind of music (I was into metal at this time :)) First Song "Covenant - Feedback" - wow! This was the point I needed more from this band and then there was "Figurehead" again on the "Sequencer", which I bought some days later.

Well, now I like nearly all Songs except the songs from "Cryotank" from which I only like the remixes

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Montag, 5. September 2005, 13:45

RE: When did you first discover Covenant?

I met a girl in a university course ( I even don't remember her name) We talked about music and she liked the same style as me, but she knew much more!! So the last day she gave me a CD with many songs, two of them from Covenant ( like tears in rain and dead stars) Two days later I was in a music shop buying everything I could find from Covenant ... :D...and...Until now

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