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Samstag, 11. Juli 2009, 05:09

Rotersand - German Dates

Hello All,

So I'm considering heading over the pond to check out a few of the Rotersand gigs in September. I'm looking at the following dates:

18 Sep Germany Krefeld KuFa
19 Sep Germany Erfurt Gewerkschaftshaus
20 Sep Germany Munich Backstage Werk
23 Sep Germany Frankfurt Batschkapp
25 Sep Germany Berlin Postbahnhof
26 Sep Germany Magdeburg Factory
27 Sep Germany Dortmund FZW
29 Sep Germany Hannover Capitol
30 Sep Germany Dresden Strasse E
1 Oct Germany Hamburg Docks

Anyone have any thoughts around these cities or venues? Or how about general tourism info for visiting Germany? I'd be coming over from the States.



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Montag, 13. Juli 2009, 01:06

Hey, that's the dates they are playing with VNV Nation, aren't they?

How many shows do you wanna attend? If I were you I'd probably go for the Berlin-Magdeburg-Dortmund-Hannover route. Basically you'd go from east to west with a 2-3 hour journey everyday. Berlin is of course easy to travel to by plane and you could do the rest by train.

Krefeld-Erfurt is a much longer distance, not sure I'd recommend that.

I see Berlin is on a Friday night, so you'd have a night out in Berlin after the gig which is surely not a bad thing! :D


Montag, 13. Juli 2009, 20:43

Quite exited about the new Rotersand, October cannot come soon enough!

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