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lördag, 12. mars 2011, 21:47

Judge of My Domain

My three-year-old daughter sings along with a the chorus, so it must be a good choice for a single. :thumbsup:

(She also does this to Lightbringer and Monochrome)



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tisdag, 22. mars 2011, 10:34

I don't believe that any of the Covenant singles have ever been released for radio shows, therefore that's no argument in my opinion. However, I also like more catchy songs than surprises and I would go for "Judge of my domain" as well...

Was there not a radio edit for Bullet?


söndag, 3. april 2011, 17:03

1) Beat the Noise
2) Dynamo Clock

I think it would be a great idea to release "Come" as a Bonus-Track. :)


onsdag, 20. april 2011, 18:48

The Judge Of My Domain!!!


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torsdag, 21. april 2011, 11:45

Angesichts der Reaktionen bei den letzten Konzerten würde ich The Beauty And The Grace auch mal ins Rennen bringen wollen, zumal viele Rezensionen den Song als Highlight der Platte sehen.



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onsdag, 27. april 2011, 13:05

I think Niggels is onto something here :)


onsdag, 27. april 2011, 13:11

now we just need a remix from ATB and Ibiza is ours;)


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onsdag, 27. april 2011, 18:21

Stupid musicians! Ibiza is already yours, you just don't know it! All those gorgeous sun-tanned chicks over there wait for you to perform live there!

:rolleyes: :huh: :whistling:

On a more serious note, The Beauty & The Grace would be rather radio & mainstream fodder. Of course you do need a good video for MTV, Viva and the likes. Put a trancy club mix of Judge Of My Domain on the single to conquer Ibiza for good. Put the album version of Dynamo Clock on it too and pretend it would be a VNV Nation remix, the Goths are gonna eat it and you are superstars everywhere! World domination is so easy!

Well...was that really serious? In parts! :D



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måndag, 2. maj 2011, 18:44


My personal favourite from the new album is definitelly the beauty and the grace, wonderful song! And I can't stop listening to worlds collide.. sexy somehow!!

But, to be fair, material for a new single you find in judge of my domain, so I have to agree with Niggel below.

Looking forward to see which song you realease as a single! See you in Arvika!




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måndag, 9. maj 2011, 21:44

I'm pretty late to this party, but here are a few thoughts.

If we're taking the unreleased tracks off the table for now and focusing on making a slightly more dancey release, I would vote for Beat The Noise as the headline single. It's already built for the dancefloor and the opening hook (horn sample?) is so anthemic as to make the song very effective from the get go. The little bridge around 2:50 also opens up opportunities for extended or radio edits as it provides a subtle break in the track structure.

I am also an advocate for a longer version of Kairos, and am surprised to see other people feel the same way. The track didn't seem to get much mention in album reviews but it's one of my favorites. It's a nice vignette that I'd love to see pushed out to the 3 or 4 minute mark if there's more lyrical material available to work with.

Though perhaps too raw-sounding to work on the dancefloor, I would really love to see a live version of Lightbringer included with the release. I know it's already got its own DM studio version released on the single, but when I saw you guys in Boston, I was struck by how different the track comes across live. Daniel's very aggressive vocals gave a harsher contrast to Eskil's than is present in the original track, and I think fans would like to hear that different interplay. Maybe I just like the shouting, who knows. :D

Those three are my reasonable suggestions, here are my "wouldn't it be nice if..." ideas; specifically, remix opportunities. There's a bevy of artists that I think could do a great job with remixes, and there's a good history of Covenant remixes from artists outside the core synthpop, ebm and industrial dance spectrums. I especially like the mixes from Terrence Fixmer and Ellen Allien. Some of my ideal remixes of Modern Ruin tracks are:

  • The Night. Given that it already has a bit of an open sound to it, I think it could be remixed into a wide variety of tracks. I'd like to hear how more minimal producers might approach it. A remix from Sleeparchive, Echospace, Dominik Eulberg, or Monolake could yield interesting results. Also, given the already de-tuned vocals and enough room to add a melodic fill or two, a further treatment by Fever Ray might yield interesting results.
  • Dynamo Clock. This could get turned into a harder number with some harsher drums and slightly edgier synths. I'd like to hear MOTOR have a stab at this track.
  • The Beauty and the Grace. Pulling back some of the noisier synths and focusing on the pad swells could make for a more atmospheric, if slightly less epic, mix. Bookah Shade or M.A.N.D.Y might do well here.
  • Judge of My Domain. I think a big electro remix could work here. Give The Hacker or the Dahlback brothers a go and see what gets made.
OK, thanks for reading all that, I look forward to the new EP, whatever form it ends up taking.


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måndag, 25. juni 2012, 12:53

Definitely "Come". Both the Demo as well as the Snippet versions have been totally awesome.



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torsdag, 9. oktober 2014, 13:51

Gibts mittlerweile eigentlich noch was aktuelles?
Is there actually something new coming?
Hey, die Sonne scheint, da werd ich mal in kurzen Hosen fernsehn... :D


söndag, 19. oktober 2014, 21:39

Hallo Bully,

zur "Ignorance And Bliss"-Maxi hiess es am 12. August auf dem Gesichtsbuch: "It's still coming."
Mehr weiss ich leider auch nicht... aber gut Ding will bekanntlich Weile haben. ;)

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